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Content Marketing, Article, and News Feature Samples

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How often have you Googled a question or topic and clicked through several links before you found what you were looking for? Or maybe you never found the information at all. It’s so frustrating.

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Many independent schools experienced a significant boost in enrollment during the pandemic—one that’s not sustainable on its own. To maintain momentum, your admissions and enrollment teams must adapt to expectations to attract and serve the community.



The American healthcare industry has been gradually moving toward interoperability for the past six years to enable communication among all electronic health records systems (EHRs).

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Sometimes, a project seems impossible. When resources are limited, the timeline is not feasible, and the goal is massive—you wonder how in the world the task is going to get done.



I was first smacked in the face with the realization that I am an introvert in 2013. I was a 34-year-old executive producer of a two-and-a-half-hour-long morning newscast.

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Buttercup is a furry 4-year-old who keeps up with her Corgi brothers, Reecie and Peanut, with the help of a wheelchair in Mooresville. 



What They’re Saying


"Mitzi is an excellent writer. She's consultative, versatile, and even comes up with ideas for new writing topics. She's worked on everything from thought leadership content to service pages to actually going in and editing web pages on our CMS that need a writer's touch. Content audits, too! Would highly recommend Mitzi. Thank you for all you do for us!"

Seth Viebrock, CEO and Marketing Engineer


"Mitzi is a thorough and thoughtful writer. She goes above and beyond to not only deliver the project on time but to provide recommendations that will help increase the content's value. Mitzi asks great questions and is quick to become a subject matter expert on new ideas."

Rachel Kauffman, Content Manager


"Mitzi is one of the most talented writers I have had the pleasure to work with. Not only can she brilliantly craft professional and captivating publications, she is also great at aligning content with a wider business strategy. I always have a great time collaborating with Mitzi and I look forward to working with her more!"

Corey Washington, Marketing Leader


"Mitzi is a smart, talented and conscientious writer. She is also an absolute pleasure to work with. When I have a complex writing project, or a tight deadline, I know that I can count on Mitzi to deliver thoughtful, well-researched, SEO-friendly, compelling content."

Karen Pomazal, VP of Marketing


"Mitzi was able to put into words what our facility was unable to do. She conveyed a picture through copy that we thought was unattainable. Mitzi's research and attention to detail delivered an on-time product that exceeded our expectations."

Andy Sommer, General Manager


"(Mitzi) has been outstanding at taking my stories regarding different opportunities and turning my ramblings into great content for us to publish. It is also great as she has learned our business she has been able to direct us during our interviews to bring the needed details to light."

Michael Bryant, Director of Sales


"Working with Mitzi gave me the peace of mind and confidence that every copywriting deliverable would be on time, sharp, concise, on-brand, and with marketing best practices at its core. My favorite part about having Mitzi on my team was that she gave every single deliverable 110%. Regardless of whether it was a gated eBook for our highest-paying client or a batch of social posts for our lowest-paying client, she gave each and every writing component of our projects the highest level of attention and effort."

Sydney Lear, Marketing Manager


"Not only is she skilled at her craft, but Mitzi also understands how to distill information from outside sources and interview industry experts to capture the information she needs. If you are looking for a writer who will elevate your copy and seamlessly fit into your organization, then don't hesitate to add Mitzi to your team."

Dan O'Brien, Operations and Content Strategist & Manager



Skills & Accomplishments

Dec. 2021 - present


  • Research, outline, write, and edit content

  • Create blogs, eBooks, white papers, and case studies

  • Contribute ideas for social media posts, landing pages, and email marketing

Dec. 2021 - present


Jan. 2020 - Nov. 2021


  • Wrote blogs, eBooks, social media posts and ads, emails, and web pages for the agency's clients

  • Interviewed subject matter experts to gather information

Oct. 2017 - Dec. 2019


  • Wrote, shot, and edited original stories

  • Posted content on social media accounts

  • Published breaking news and reporter stories

Oct. 2015 - Oct. 2017


  • Wrote scripts and organized stories for newscasts

  • Built graphics, assigned animations, and selected camera shots

Jan. 2011 - Oct. 2015


  • Managed production of #1 morning news show

  • Created website, social media content

  • Trained new producers



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