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I did it.

That's a phrase I seem to be uttering a lot over the past seven months or so.

  • I left the news business and started working as a freelance writer.

  • I lost 20 lbs. Then 30, 40, 60 is on the horizon.

  • I ran for 3 minutes straight. Then 5, 10, 20, 30...Looks like I'll surpass 90 on Friday.

On Tuesday, I got to say, "I did it!" once more. I made it to Onederland.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, Onederland is a big deal in the world of weight loss. It means you now weigh 199 lbs. or less. Besides the moment I hit my goal weight, Onederland is a milestone I've been dreaming about for nine months.

I thought I was going to get there before the end of the year. But, you know, life happens. After I hit the 50 lb. mark back in December, I bounced around between 202 and 207 for what felt like forever.

This week, I felt it coming. I was so close; it had to happen. On Tuesday morning, I weighed 200.00 lbs. On the dot, dead even, couldn't do that again if I tried.

I was supposed to run that day, which always helps. But I still have to mind my Ps and Qs when it comes to food. I can't eat anything and everything just because I log several miles. I still track calories. I still make tough choices. I just might have a little more dessert than usual.

I ran 5 miles in the morning, and late that afternoon, I couldn't resist getting on the scale once I stepped out of the shower. Low and behold, 199.8 lbs. Onederland was mine!

However, on Wednesday morning, I was up again: 200.6 lbs. And this morning, I'm up once more at 200.8 lbs. But it's fine. For one thing, I know I'm going to run today and tomorrow. Second, this is just how weight loss works. And running. And life. There are ups and downs, highs and lows, and you CANNOT get hung up on those lows and quit. Ride that high and keep going!

With 58 lbs. lost—I'm still counting from 199.8—I have 42 to go to reach my goal weight. At that point, I will have lost 100 lbs. However, I realized I may never reach that mark.

See, I picked 157 lbs. because it's a healthy weight for my height, and, of course, 100 lbs. is a nice, round, even number. But maybe I'll feel good in the 180s, 170s, or 160s. Who knows? I'm going to stay the course, see how I feel once I get in the vicinity, and not get hung up on doing whatever it takes to hit that magical number.

Notice I said "feel good" and not "look good". It's not that I don't care about how I look. I do. But I started this journey with a mindset on health, self-improvement, and longevity. Though I didn't start until months later, I know deep down my mom suddenly dying from cardiac arrest at the age of 69 was, is, and always will be my biggest motivator.

I hope to visit Onederland again over the next few days and take up permanent residence sometime this year. But I'm flying home for a few days this weekend, and though I plan to stick to my running schedule, I bet I'll be partaking in a tasty meal or two, or three, or four. Life, man, life.

Something I didn't expect along the weigh—get it?—was being called an "inspiration". Many people have told me they're going to the gym now or they've started running again or they signed up for Noom because of me. It's very humbling and uplifting to hear.

I know how much better I feel with those 58 lbs. gone, and I've embraced the lifestyle changes that brought me to this point. So if I can help someone else by being honest and putting it all out there for everyone to see, then I'm going to keep at it.

Here's what I posted Wednesday on Facebook in my Noom support groups; these people are so amazing and supportive:

🎶 Your body is a ONEDERLAND 🎶 😁😁😁

I’d like to thank water, a 200-300 calorie deficit in the “good” range, and getting off my lazy butt for this award 🏆 I’ve now lost 58 lbs. total with 42 more to go 🙌🏻

In full transparency, I hit Onederland yesterday afternoon. I ran 5 miles that morning and couldn’t resist weighing myself after showering. This morning? I’m at 200.6. But it’s fine. I’ve seen the promised land and I know I will be back #oknoomer

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